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Our History

For any company it is important to understand and reflect on the past. A number of choices and external forces over the years have combined to make PlantWeave what it is today.

The beginning

In 2004, PlantWeave was formed out of a desire to be a part of something greater. We wanted to have the abilities and scope to add true value to the projects we worked on. It started as a focus on delivering the best high quality automation systems, the core control of production facilities that produce value for our community.

Delivering automation systems was seen as the “Black Art” that either brought a whole project together or crippled it. The reason for this is that you can build the best production line or processing plant, but if the control system is poorly designed or implemented it will significantly limit the overall effectiveness and productivity of the facility. Conversely, a well design and executed control system has the power to bring together a poorly designed and implemented facility and produce a good result overall. The control system is the final system at the business end of the facility that has the greatest power to damage or enhance performance.

In terms of being part of something greater, our focus was not on the automation system, but on the facility as a whole. Are we building an automation system? Or are we building a processing plant? It is only through the understanding of the whole that the most effective implementations can be achieved. By understanding the civil, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and process characteristics a system that truly ‘Sings’ can be designed.

PlantWeave’s second pillar of formation was the desire to create an environment where people came first. It was apparent that the people in the industry were not being allowed to develop and utilize their full potential, for numerous personal, political, and organisational reasons.

The Early Years

From the beginning PlantWeave “Punched above its weight”, winning major manufacturing (Our core competency at the time) projects where we were able to deliver on our core drivers; A holistic approach and supporting culture.

We delivered many large projects for our small size of 3-5 people in the $500K to $1.5M range.
We also started to expand into the Water industry beginning with support contracts for key infrastructure and assisting OEM’s with skid mounted processing units.

As we grew, we took the approach to employ young engineers from university that we would grow and develop in line with the PlantWeave culture and project delivery methodologies.
In terms of business planning, well we were “winging it”. We had no detailed plan, just a vision of what we want to do and be. A flat structure was maintained where the principles in the business were the Business Managers, Project Managers, and Senior Engineers.

The Middle Years

From 2006 to 2009 PlantWeave continued to grow and “Punch above our weight”. We grew from 5 to 20 people and found a permanent home in Rosehill overlooking the race course, with an industrial feel to the design of the office.

This was a key growth period where PlantWeave transitioned from a “Backyard” operation to an established small business.

PlantWeave continued to diversify its client base into different industries such as Infrastructure, Food and Beverage, Operational support, as well as establishing different products offerings. This was seen as a required diversification program to ensure stability which proved invaluable during the GFC.

The Recent Years

From 2009 to June of 2012, PlantWeave achieved great things expanding into Victoria on the request of clients, and executing, under very resource limited conditions, challenging projects across Australia. This required many of our people to lay great trust and commitment in the organisation as we struggled to cope with not only delivering larger projects, but the ability of PlantWeave to support its people.

We continued to develop and attract great people. Our team grew to approximately 40 and we ran head on into many problems that all small business transitioning to medium size businesses face.

We scrambled as best we could and held true to our values, but to the detriment of our people, and the long term viability of PlantWeave. It was at the end of this period that we realised that the PlantWeave organisation needed to grow and develop in every aspect and so was the trigger for this Plan to be developed. Through analysing and streamlining internal processes and systems, the company laid the foundations for the next phase of solid growth.

More recently PlantWeave has begun to expand into Queensland, again at the request of Clients, and so far has proven to be very successful. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we have grown to a point where we operate across five major industries and offer over ten different capabilities to our clients. This has allowed us to diversify our interests, whilst offering superior value through turnkey solutions. Building on the back of successful deliveries, a powerful team, and strong client relationships, the future for PlantWeave is looking bright.