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Who We Are

PlantWeave Technologies is a dynamic value-driven company, delivering tailored engineering solutions to key Industries. We have a passion for design, implementation and development of superior quality systems and processes that deliver true value to our clients.

PlantWeave was birthed from the desire to exceed the level of quality, and change the status quo of project delivery and success. This triggered significant soul searching and an in-depth analysis of the causes of project failures. As a result of this we have developed the PlantWeave approach:

We take responsibility and stand accountable for our actions. Integrity ripples through all parts of our organisation. Our project management and delivery is built on this foundation. We always deliver.

Effectiveness is limited by the information that is available. It is only through open and honest relationships promoting total disclosure that effective deliveries become a reality. PlantWeave focuses strongly on creating an internal and external environment and culture that supports our people and partners to be open and transparent.

Our experience and research has proven that the dominant adversarial philosophy between client and suppliers is short-term focused and significantly damaging to the objectives of all stakeholders. We are focused on developing strong, long-term partnerships with our clients, suppliers and intermediaries in a truly transparent and collaborative approach for the benefit of all. We recognise that an in depth understanding and alignment of objectives is the core basis for a successful partnership.

Our team is our strength. PlantWeave’s success is built on the success of our people. It is only through the commitment, dedication and passion of our people that we are able to harness our core values and deliver the outstanding results that we do. As such, we make it a priority to invest in the growth and development of our team and culture. We put our people first.

We believe that living and breathing the culmination of the above is creating something special.