Contributing to a Better World

At PlantWeave, we contribute to a better world in many ways:

Our People Come First

Putting our people first in their personal development and growth is one of the key factors of our approach. Our people are our strength, and our belief is that investing in them directly contributes to our success. We are focused on improving the quality of life for our people and their families.


We cultivate an innovative culture to always challenge how thing are done in order to discover new ways to do them better. Innovation is one of our core attributes. We are constantly challenging the status quo; asking “How can we make it better?” It’s part of our DNA.

Engineering Design

We are focused on creating engineering solutions that benefit and advance our world. We do this by designing our solutions with the following three aspects in mind:

  • Design to Last
  • Design to Update
  • Design to Recycle

We believe that the engineering solutions we design and deliver are key contributors to making our world a better place. Through our expertise and advances in technology, we assist industry in process and energy optimisation to operate in a cleaner, more efficient and more reliable manner. We aim to approach every design by, maximising design life, allowing for future upgrade paths and planning for end of life.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We choose to be socially and environmentally responsible in our day to day operations because we care. We want to leave this world in a better state for future generations to enjoy. It’s about more than turning a profit. It’s about taking responsibility for our impact on the world we live in and doing our part to make it a better place.